YKX round block type graphite absorber

YKX round block type graphite absorber

Product Details

Structural features:

YKX type round block hole graphite falling film absorber is made of unit absorption heat exchange block building blocks, and a tetrafluoro seal is added between the blocks. The upper part is a gas and absorption liquid entering and distributing device, and the bottom is a gas-liquid separator. The structure and principle are similar to the tubular graphite falling film absorber, only the absorption, cooling, and separation parts are composed of round block graphite condensers, and Teflon "O" rings or expanded PTFE are used between the heat exchange blocks. (Tetrafluoroelastic rope) sealed, the equipment is equipped with a pressure spring as an automatic compensation mechanism for thermal expansion and contraction. Compared with the round block type graphite multi-effect evaporator , the top of this equipment is equipped with an absorption tower section and the bottom is equipped with a gas-liquid separator.

Compared with graphite multi-effect evaporator, Golden Triangle graphite YKX type round block graphite falling film absorber has the characteristics of tube-type falling film absorber, but also has strong structural strength, good thermal shock resistance and high quality heat transfer efficiency. The advantages of high, not easy to damage, convenient maintenance, is a superior performance gas suction equipment.

Technical characteristics



Allowable pressure MPa



Allowable temperature ℃


Executive standard: HG / T3113-1998

Equipment advantages :

1.Using unit graphite block design, damaged blocks can be quickly replaced

2. Gaskets are used between graphite blocks, no adhesive is needed, simple disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance

3. Adding graphite blocks can increase the area of the heat exchanger

4.Strong impact resistance

Uses: This graphite absorber product is generally used for HCl, SO2, NH3, P2O5, H2S gas absorption.