MS falling film graphite absorber

MS falling film graphite absorber

Product Details

The graphite falling film absorber is composed of a gas-liquid distributor, an absorption cooling section and a gas-liquid separator. The gas-liquid distributor is composed of gas- and liquid-inlet pipes, pressure-stabilizing rings, liquid distribution pipes and other impermeable graphite parts. The absorption liquid input from the inlet pipe enters the space above the upper tube plate (or absorption heat exchange block) through the ring gap at the bottom of the pressure stabilization ring, and enters the liquid distribution pipe in a uniform distribution state. The liquid distribution pipe is also called a diversion pipe or an overflow pipe. The upper part is provided with 4 V-shaped cutouts which are evenly distributed, and one side of the cutout is tangent to the inner wall of the pipe. The absorption liquid enters in the tangential direction, and a spiral-shaped disturbance liquid film is formed in the tube to descend. The absorption and cooling section is divided into two types according to the structure type: row tube type and round block hole type. Their structures are similar to the row tube type and round hole type graphite heat exchangers. The absorption liquid descending to the absorption cooling section flows down in a film along the inner wall of the tube (or hole), and the gas easily soluble in the absorption liquid flows in the same direction, fully contacts the absorption liquid, and is absorbed. The heat of dissolution is transferred to the cooling liquid out of the device through the partition wall. The non-absorbed gas enters the gas-liquid separator located at the bottom of the equipment with the product, along with the product. After separation, the gas is sent to the exhaust tower, and the product enters the storage tank.

Structural features:

The graphite absorber is composed of a gas-liquid mixing chamber, a gas-liquid distributor, an absorption weir, an absorption matrix heat exchange block, a gas-liquid separator, and a metal shell. Blocks are sealed with fluorine rubber or flexible graphite "O" seals or acid-resistant flat rubber rings. It has good absorption effect (high finished acid concentration, low finished acid temperature), good corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, long service life, stable operation and easy maintenance.

Technical characteristics



Allowable pressure MPa



Intake temperature ℃


Absorbent spray volume

≤0.6T / H · m2

Cooling water consumption

≤2T / h · m2

Finished acid concentration


Finished acid output

≤5T / h · m2

Scope of application: As an absorption device for the synthesis of hydrogen chloride gas, chlorine oil tail gas or other tail gas containing hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride gas, sulfur dioxide, ammonia gas, etc.