Trichloroacetaldehyde chlorination tower

Trichloroacetaldehyde chlorination tower

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Trichloroacetaldehyde is produced by the chlorination reaction of alcohol and chlorine gas in a chlorination tower, and then made by distillation reaction. Chlorination tower is an important equipment in the production of chloroaldehyde. The product of chlorination reaction There are many types of by-products, including trichloroacetaldehyde hemiacetal. Trichloroacetaldehyde hydrate, hydrochloric acid, ethyl chloride, chloroacetic acid, water, etc., plus alcohol and chlorine gas, the corrosion medium of the tower section is seven or eight. There are many kinds of equipment, and the corrosion of the equipment is very serious. The tower section at the top has the dual functions of chlorination and cooling, so the corrosion protection of the top section and the choice of cooler material are particularly important.

Chloride brand trichloroacetaldehyde chlorination tower adopts the most advanced domestic technology at present. The raw material saves 100kg of alcohol per ton of chlorine oil, prolongs the startup time and improves the production efficiency. The top condenser, tower section condenser, and tower kettle condenser in the tower are the core components of the tower and one of the company's key products. The above three types of condensers have unique production technology, long service life and excellent quality. The company can produce chloride towers with outer diameters of 400, 650, 700, 1000 and other specifications according to user requirements. A full set of graphite tower equipment and graphite analysis towers can also be manufactured according to user drawings.