YKC series round block type graphite heat exchanger

YKC series round block type graphite heat exchanger

Product Details

Structure and characteristics:

YKC series round block type graphite heat exchanger is our company's most advanced round block type graphite heat exchanger equipment. It consists of upper and lower heads, graphite heat exchange blocks and sealing gaskets, and uses pressure springs as thermal expansion and contraction automatic. Compensation device. Adopting advanced processing technology, it has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, high mechanical strength, stability and reliability, and convenient maintenance. The maximum heat exchange area can reach 800 square meters. When used as a condenser, a gas-liquid separator can be added; this series of equipment can be used as a foot support or a suspension support; after the gas separator is installed, it can only be used as a suspension support. This series is sealed by a polytetrafluoroethylene seal between the graphite upper (lower) head and the graphite heat exchange block, and a pressure spring is used as an automatic compensation device for thermal expansion and contraction. The graphite heat-exchange block is drilled with a plurality of holes that are spaced vertically and intersectingly to allow different fluids to flow, and the wall heat exchange is performed to achieve the purpose of heat exchange.

Technical characteristics



Allowable pressure MPa



Allowable temperature ℃



Implementation standard: refer to implementation HG / T3113-1998

Uses: This series of products can be used as heaters, coolers and condensers. When used as a condenser, a gas-liquid separator is required.

Equipment advantages:

In addition to the advantages of the YKA series, it also has the following features:

1. The graphite heat exchange block does not have a central hole, the water holes pass directly from one side to the other, and the material holes are covered with the heat exchange block, which improves the material utilization rate;

2. The graphite block has only one sealing surface on the outer ring, while the YKA series has two sealing surfaces on the inner and outer sides that are prone to seal failure, which greatly facilitates processing and maintenance;

3. The equipment volume of the same heat exchange area is smaller than YKA, and the equipment is more compact;

4. Can manufacture larger specifications equipment;

5. Can be designed for multi-process, vertical and horizontal use.