YKA · II Round Block Hole Graphite Heat Exchanger

YKA · II Round Block Hole Graphite Heat Exchanger

Product Details

YKA round block type graphite heat exchanger is a kind of round block type heat exchanger. The round block type itself has a lot of aspects worthy of attention in terms of physical principles. It is currently more advanced and has better performance. A superior type of graphite heat exchanger, which is mainly composed of metal parts and impervious graphite parts. The longitudinal flow of corrosive materials and the lateral flow of heat carrier.

In the equipment, the materials that come into contact with the materials in the production process are made of impervious graphite and PTFE sealing ring, and the cylindrical heat exchange block uses standard unit blocks, and is equipped with a pressure spring for thermal expansion and contraction. Automatic compensation mechanism, the axial expansion and contraction is absorbed by the tie rod spring system, and the axial expansion of the steel shell is compensated by the synthetic rubber washer, so it has good temperature and pressure resistance, strong and compact structure, strong adaptability, good interchangeability and long service life. It has been well applied in industry.

The YKA type round block hole type is a graphite heat exchanger with a particularly reasonable design. It adopts an upper and lower graphite head and a superposition structure of unit heat exchange blocks. The cylindrical heat exchange block adopts standard unit block, which has high structural strength. Teflon O-ring or expanded PTFE (tetrafluoroelastic rope) sealing medium is not used in the structure, and a pressure spring is added for thermal expansion. The cold shrinking automatic compensation mechanism uses a short channel, adding a redistribution chamber to improve the turbulence effect, etc., which makes the heat exchanger have high structural strength, strong temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high volume utilization, and High thermal efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance.

Structure and characteristics:

The round block graphite heat exchanger is a graphite heat exchanger with superior performance. The structure adopts polyethylene sealing medium and is equipped with a pressure spring as an automatic compensation structure for thermal expansion and contraction to protect it. The equipment has small volume, high utilization rate, good impact resistance, high heat transfer efficiency and convenient maintenance.

Technical characteristics



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Implementation standard: refer to implementation HG / T3113-1998