LGH tubular graphite heat exchanger

LGH tubular graphite heat exchanger

Product Details

Structural features:

LGH type tubular graphite heat exchanger is a series of products that have been formed before the floating head tubular graphite heat exchange type formed the industry standard. It is similar in structure to the GHA type and has the same technical characteristics. It differs from the HGA type in two ways: first, the model marks are only based on the heat exchange area; second, the effective length of the heat exchange tubes is different. This series of graphite heat exchangers are divided into two series: LGHA (inner and outer diameter of heat exchange tube φ22 / φ32) and LGHB (inner and outer diameter of heat exchange tube φ36 / φ50). Their structures are similar. The structure of this equipment is simple, compact, and has low fluid resistance, making it possible to manufacture large-scale equipment. This equipment is divided into two structures without gas-liquid separator and with gas-liquid separator.

Technical characteristics



Design pressure MPa

0.3 (DN≤1100)

0.3 (DN≤900)

Design temperature ℃



Technical standard: HG / T3112-1998

Uses: Heat-exchange equipment manufactured with impervious graphite as the base material is the most used and typical chemical unit equipment in graphite equipment.


1. Simple structure and easy manufacturing.

2. High utilization rate of graphite material.

3. It can be made into equipment with large heat transfer area.

4. Low fluid resistance, easy maintenance and cleaning.

structure type:

1. Fixed tube sheet tubular graphite heat exchanger.

2.Floating tube-type graphite heat exchanger.

3.Single tube packing sealed tubular graphite heat exchanger.