JXZ radial graphite heat exchanger

JXZ radial graphite heat exchanger

Product Details

Structural features:

Radial graphite heat exchanger is a kind of graphite heat exchanger which is relatively advanced and superior in performance. Radial cylindrical heat exchanger block has high structural strength and is easy to solve the sealing problem. The structure is sealed with rubber or flexible graphite "O" ring without using cement. The equipment has the characteristics of high structural strength, high temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high volume utilization rate, small operating resistance, strong versatility, high heat transfer efficiency, and convenient maintenance.

Radial graphite heat exchangers pass through corrosive media in the longitudinal holes, and steam or cooling water in the horizontal holes, and frozen salts. Care should be exercised in media that are easy to crystallize and scale.

Use range:

Phenolic-impregnated graphite can withstand the corrosion of various acids, salt solutions and various organic solvents except strong oxidizing media and strong bases. It can be used in processes such as cooling, condensation, heating, evaporation, reboiling, etc., in chlor-alkali, pesticide, organic synthesis , Daily chemicals, chemical fibers, dyes, fertilizers, food, plastics, petrochemicals, hydrometallurgy and other industries have been widely used.