JK, 3JK rectangular block hole graphite heat exchanger

JK, 3JK rectangular block hole graphite heat exchanger

Product Details

Structural features:

The rectangular block hole heat exchanger is composed of a rectangular graphite head, a graphite heat exchange block, and other sealing gaskets and castings. Because the heat exchange block has an overall structure and no adhesive seams, the structure has high strength and good impact resistance. The rectangular block hole graphite heat exchanger is composed of a number of cubic, rectangular graphite heat exchange blocks, upper and lower graphite heads, their metal cover plates, and metal side covers on both sides. The parts are sealed with gaskets. The upper and lower metal cover plates and the two side cover plates are fastened to the graphite block body with a long rod bolt connection. It has simple structure, reliable use, convenient maintenance and excellent resistance to thermal shock and vibration.

The side plate of the water seal is cast iron, which is easy to repair and disassemble, and can also be made into a double-sided anti-corrosion structure. The device can be used as a heater and a condenser, and the material flow can be 1-4.

Technical characteristics



Allowable pressure MPa



Design temperature ℃


Executive standard: HG5-1322-80

Uses: Heat-exchange equipment manufactured with impervious graphite as the base material is the most used and typical chemical unit equipment in graphite equipment.