GGH type single tube sealed tubular graphite heat exchanger

GGH type single tube sealed tubular graphite heat exchanger

Product Details

Structural features:

In order to solve the problem that the allowable temperature of the floating-tube tubular graphite heat exchanger is relatively low, especially when it is not ideal for heating, the new tube-tube heat exchanger produced by our company is sealed with a single tube packing. It is mechanically sealed with the tube sheet, and the single tube can be moved axially to eliminate the stress caused by the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient of different materials of the GH type. The single tube packing seal is to seal each graphite tube independently. This makes it able to independently expand and contract thermally, while maintaining its pipe wall smoothness, good film forming conditions and other advantages, and improved equipment performance. Allowable temperature can reach 165 ° C.

Technical characteristics

Guan Cheng

Shell side

Allowable pressure MPa



Allowable temperature ℃



Executive standard: HG / T3112-1998

Uses: It is most suitable for heaters and evaporators (rising film, falling film evaporation), and can withstand a certain degree of rapid cooling and heating.

Equipment advantages:

1. All seals are easy to check. If the graphite tube is damaged, it can be replaced at the scene.

2. High heat transfer efficiency, equipment corrosion resistance, long service life