SSL water jacket graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace

SSL water jacket graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace

Product Details

Graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace consists of burner, furnace tube, cooling device and safety explosion-proof device. The burner is located in the lower part of the equipment and consists of chlorine gas, hydrogen input pipe and lamp holder. The lamp cap is a concentric sleeve, the inner tube is passed with chlorine gas, and the inner and outer tube gaps are passed with hydrogen gas. There are two types of lamp caps, long flame type and short flame type. The long flame flame is thin and long, and the furnace is less heated, so the temperature is low, the life is long, and the adjustment range of production capacity is also large. It is a common type. The short-flame flame is close to the cylinder wall, which is easy to burn out, but the raw material gas is mixed uniformly and the synthesis reaction is complete. The material of the lamp cap may be quartz, graphite material or high-alumina ceramic, and graphite material is preferred. The furnace tube is generally made of a slightly permeable graphite material. There are two types of cooling devices: spray type and water jacket type. The spray cooling water is dripped along the periphery of the water distributor on the furnace top, and the cooling effect is better. The water jacket type is also called immersion type. The cooling water circulates in the water jacket outside the furnace tube. There is no spray mist, moisture and other defects during operation, and it is safer and more reliable. Commonly used to install explosion-proof devices is graphite explosion-proof film.

Structural characteristics of graphite synthesis furnace :

1.Long service life (generally over 13 years)

2.High product purity

3.Simplified production process

4. Large production capacity (compared with the volume)

5. Good labor conditions, convenient control and management

Technical characteristics

Inside the furnace

Water jacket

Allowable pressure MPa



Design temperature ℃



Executive standard: HG / T3189-2000