Graphite lined reactor

Graphite lined reactor

Product Details

The company can design and produce graphite-lined reactors with various specifications for users. The vessel body is lined with impervious graphite material with superior performance, so that the lining layer will crack and delaminate at a certain operating temperature. Therefore, the equipment has excellent corrosion resistance. For different media, it can withstand the excellent performance of various concentrated sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid and strong alkali. The linear expansion coefficient is small, and the equipment can maintain good mechanical strength and high temperature. Impact resistance, higher than ceramic, glass-lined, carbon steel and other materials; the surface is not easy to scale, because the "affinity" between graphite and most media is very small, so it should not affect the use effect on the surface structure; high heat transfer efficiency , The heat transfer efficiency is 2 times that of carbon steel; 5 times that of stainless steel; the service life is long. Because graphite equipment has the above advantages, the service life is longer, which can effectively reduce the use cost.

The company is responsible for the lifetime warranty of the graphite lining equipment . After receiving the company's training, users can repair the parts by themselves within 3 hours without affecting normal production.