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How does graphite condenser adapt to future development
- 2021-04-20-

future,Graphite condenserIn the stage of continuous adaptation. At this time, we must first improve the equipment. The first thing to be solved is the problem, and the way to solve the problem is correct. There are two main ways to solve this problem. One is to change the common temperature differenceGraphite condenserSeparately, the other is to use the thermocycling method in batches. After separation, it will be reheated and recycled using the sulfur melting process of strip separation.

Thermocycling method: All materials are basically heat-sealed in a single cycle, and high temperature has little effect on the thermal conductivity of the unit. During the separation process, the temperature difference is variable. Heat sealing should not force high temperature, but natural cooling and circulation. However, in terms of cost, the direct cooling method is usually used as the cooling medium, so there is no need to use a large amount of metal oxides, that is, it is recommended to cool it by heat sealing.

1. The unit price of the product is 800~1100 yuan/m2, and the investment cost is about 0.01 square meters.

2. Anti-corrosion principle Graphite has better heat resistance than heat-resistant polypropylene phase, and some small batch users can test its heat-sealing performance.

3. According to the density of graphite, the length of the condensation time can be divided into four different ways: the density is 1.5 times, 1.5 times and 0.6 times the density of Jiangjia frame. Because the density of graphite is relatively high, graphite with hardness and toughness during use is generally lower than graphite with density and better hardness. Therefore, for those graphite condensers with high load-bearing capacity used in industrial or production high-temperature weather in large cities, 3-4 years of heat exchange can be considered. For the frequently used double cooling graphite condenser, the graphite condenser needs to be used in the heat exchange unit, flue, drain and other places.

4. The cycle life of graphite calculated by time and price needs to consider temperature difference, cooling temperature difference and liquid level. Why should it be replaced after more than 4 weeks?

1. The graphite condenser is not easy to be blocked in the early stage, which can be solved by basically the same temperature and pressure before and after cooling. Due to the high thermal conductivity, the pressure density can be higher when the liquid temperature is low. When the liquid temperature is high, the thermal conductivity may decrease due to low expansion.

2. Generally speaking, the heat preservation performance of graphite condenser cannot be replaced by temperature difference.