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The importance of tubular graphite condenser
- 2021-04-07-

Graphite condenserThe working principle is a condenser with a gas-liquid separator through the condensation of the medium, that is, the medium is condensed into liquid or water vapor. This is the working principle of the graphite condenser.

Coarse hole graphite condenser and tubular graphite condenser are two main types of equipment.

Tubular graphite condensers are widely used in daily life, such as heat sinks, condensers in steam turbines and oil coolers in space rockets.

The effect of condensate reflux: If the condensate used in the graphite condenser is poured into the three-effect graphite evaporator instead of being discharged into the pool, it will not only reduce the vacuum, but also dilute the concentrated alkali in the graphite evaporator, and graphite The evaporator will treat multi-effect wastewater. Engineering application: This equipment is suitable for pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical and other industries. It is usually used to extract liquids, fruit juices, and evaporate fine chemical dissolved liquids. How to effectively reduce corrosion and extend the service life of equipment? There are ion exchange, one-step hydrolysis of silicon powder, and silane hydrolysis. Easily soluble in acid, sodium thiosulfate and ammonium salt solution, soluble in 400 parts of water, insoluble in hot water, slowly soluble in glycerin, almost insoluble in MgO (not less than 20.0%) and SiO2 (not less than 40%) ; The ratio of SiO2 to MgO should be 1-3. Since the solution in the one-way evaporator flows in a film shape and has a low heat transfer coefficient, sodium chloride crystallization equipment is needed to achieve this purpose. The material flows down the inner wall of the tube to accelerate evaporation and adaptation. Therefore, when the particle size distribution and residual moisture of the finished product are TPG-200, the product of the centrifugal spray drying equipment is introduced: the high-speed centrifugal spray dryer is a liquid forming technology, which is widely used in the drying industry.