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Cause analysis and repair method of graphite condenser failure
- 2021-03-25-

Graphite condenserThe cause of the leak must be checked first, and then handled accordingly

The main reason for the leakage of graphite condenser gasket is insufficient gasket compression or insufficient compression symmetry. The pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the sealing material itself may not meet the requirements; the position of the gasket may shift.

The leakage treatment method of graphite condenser gasket:

1. Carefully check the condition of the visible part of the gasket. If it corrodes or cracks under pressure, replace the gasket with a material suitable for the working conditions.

2. If there is leakage around the bolts, the bolts should be tightened symmetrically.

3. If the sealing gasket between the heat exchange blocks leaks and the location of the leak cannot be determined, the compression force of each spring should be carefully measured, and the location with less compression should be determined as the leak point. Loosen the flange bolts, and then repeat the procedure in step 2. After completion, tighten the bolts.

4. The above is the maintenance method of vertical equipment, if it is the maintenance of horizontal equipment, it is the above method. The sealing gasket between the graphite heat exchange blocks leaks, and the bolts cannot be loosened at will. The bolts on the lower part of the equipment should be tightened symmetrically from bottom to top. After solving the leakage, the bolts should be tightened to avoid more serious leakage due to the weight of the heat exchange block.

Note: When tightening the bolts, you should proceed slowly and not force them to reach the predetermined position for a while. If conditions permit, please observe the changes in leakage in real time to achieve the purpose of tightening one or several bolts at key points purposefully. The purpose is to change the degree of tightening and eliminate leakage faults.

Reasons for the high temperature of the cooling water outlet of the graphite condenser
1. The main reason for the abnormal operation of the water pump or the too small selection capacity, which causes the high temperature of the cooling water
2. The valves on the cooling water circuit are not fully opened, which means that the cooling water system is not fully opened, which will definitely affect the cooling effect and cause the water temperature to fail to drop.
3. The important point is that there is a filter screen in the cooling system. If the screen is blocked, the water flow will slow down. Only a small part of the water is cooled by the system, and most of the water flows out at the original temperature.