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How to use graphite condenser
- 2021-02-23-

With the continuous development of society,Graphite condenserThe materials have been used in our lives because graphite materials have excellent properties, so graphite-based graphite heat exchangers and other graphite equipment have been developed. Since graphite equipment was put on the market, it has played an important role in the chemical industry. What are the cleaning methods for graphite condensers?

(1) Cycle cleaning: online cycle cleaning of the heat exchanger condenser

(2) Soak cleaning: soak for 4-6 hours.

(3) Spray cleaning: The surface can be sprayed to clean the flat condenser.

Cleaning technology and related precautions:

1. Block the condenser system and clean the water in the condenser.

2. Use high-pressure water to clean the sludge, algae and other impurities in the pipeline, and then close it.

3. Install the ball valve between the shut-off valve and the exchanger, and install the water inlet and return port.

4. Connect the delivery pump and the connecting pipe so that the cleaning agent can be pumped from the bottom of the condenser from the top.

When the heat transfer capacity of the graphite condenser equipment decreases, it should be closed for maintenance. If the equipment is severely fouled, it can be cleaned by appropriate chemical methods; if the pipeline is blocked by crystals, it can be cleaned by heating and melting. Mechanical methods are strictly prohibited.

When the equipment is stopped, the residual cold carrier and heat carrier should be drained.

For materials that are prone to fouling, they should be completely discharged when the machine is stopped. After parking, you should use an immersion solution (or hot water) that can dissolve the crystals (or precipitates) without damaging the graphite element to clean the longitudinal holes from top to bottom. It is strictly forbidden to increase or decrease the temperature suddenly to avoid damage to the equipment. When the pressure of the conveyed medium exceeds the working pressure of the equipment, a pressure reducing device should be installed at the connecting pipe of the medium inlet. Glass-lined condenser, graphite condenser, spiral plate condenser, glass-lined tube condenser, enamel elbow, 90° glass lining, 45°90° elbow.