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What are the advantages and performance characteristics of graphite equipment
- 2021-02-12-

Graphite equipment has outstanding chemical stability. Specially processed graphite has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low permeability, and is widely used in the manufacture of graphite heat exchangers, graphite response tanks, graphite condensers, graphite combustion towers,Graphite absorber,Graphite cooler, Graphite heaters, graphite filters, pumps and other equipment.

Graphite equipment is inexpensive and has great effect. It is used in petrochemical, hydrometallurgical, acid-base production, synthetic fiber, papermaking and other industrial sectors. It can save a lot of metal materials and can be used as casting, sand-finding, and pressing molds.And high-temperature metallurgical materials, because of the low expansion coefficient of graphite and the ability to withstand rapid cold and rapid heat changes, it can be used as a mold for glassware.

After using graphite, the castings obtained from ferrous metals are accurate in size, smooth in surface, high in yield, and can be used without processing or a little processing, thus saving a lot of metal. Powder metallurgy processes such as cemented carbide production usually use graphite materials to make boats for pressure-resistant sintering. Single crystal silicon crystal growth crucibles, regional essence containers, brackets, fixtures, induction heaters, etc., are all made of high-purity graphite.

In addition, graphite can also be used for vacuum smelting graphite heat insulation boards and bases, high-temperature resistance furnace tubes, rods, plates, grid sheds and other components.

Features of graphite equipment:

1. Graphite equipment has excellent chemical stability, which mainly depends on the resin or other polymer combined (impregnated, cemented or mixed) with it.

2. The heat transfer coefficient is high. In comparison, the block hole and plate graphite heat exchangers have a higher total heat transfer coefficient.

3. It is not easy to scale. Compared with heat exchangers such as metals, ceramics, and enamels, graphite equipment is not easy to scale because of the lower "affinity" of graphite to most media.

Graphite equipment

4. Thermal shock resistance, impregnated graphite has high thermal conductivity, low linear expansion coefficient, and strength at high temperatures, such as a small decrease in strength, so it has high thermal stability, and has much higher quenching and rapid heating. Characteristics.

5. Excellent machining function.

6. Various types and standard equipment can be made. Graphite equipment can be divided into dozens of varieties. The heat exchange area of ​​the manufactured graphite heat exchanger can be from a few tenths of square meters to 1,200 square meters. This is other non-metallic heat exchangers. Hard to do with heaters.

7. The anisotropy of graphite materials is outstanding, and it is very ambitious to use in industry.

8. Corrosion resistance, graphite equipment can withstand the corrosion of various acids, alkalis, salt solutions and various solvents.