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What is the difference between graphite condenser and graphite cooler
- 2021-01-26-

Graphite condenserThe property is very stable, it is not afraid of alkaline substances, it is formed by the compression of graphite and polypropylene resin.

1,Graphite condenserofGood corrosion resistance. Polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance. For inorganic compounds, whether it is acid, alkali, or salt solution, it has no damaging effect on it except for oxidizing solvents. It will not dissolve almost all solvents at room temperature. , General alkane, alcohol powder, aldehydes and other media can use this equipment.

2. Small size and light weight. Because polypropylene has a specific gravity (density) of only 0.91-0.93, it is a relatively light material among resins, so this equipment is very portable, which is beneficial to the transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

3. Higher temperature resistance. This material will not deform at low temperatures without external force. The low temperature of this equipment can reach -10℃.

4. Polypropylene has the characteristics of non-toxicity and non-scaling, so it will not pollute the medium.

What is the difference between graphite cooler and graphite cooler

Graphite cooler and graphite cooler are a kind of graphite heat exchanger, they are classified according to their use:

1. The graphite cooler uses cooling water or frozen brine to cool the medium that needs to be cooled.Graphite condenserIt is mainly used for the condensation of gaseous media. The purpose is to condense the medium into liquid or condense the water vapor in the medium. Generally, the lower part of the equipment is equipped with a gas-liquid separation device.

2,Graphite condenserAnd graphite cooler can be divided into tube type and block hole type according to the different structure.

The main heat exchange part of the tube-and-tube type is composed of graphite tubes. Generally, the corrosive medium runs inside the tube and the cooling medium runs outside the tube; the block hole type is mainly composed of graphite blocks, and horizontal holes and vertical holes are drilled inside, respectively. Medium to achieve the purpose of heat exchange.

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