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The structure and characteristics of graphite heat exchanger
- 2020-08-26-

  Graphite is a very common substance in our lives. This substance has a wide range of uses and is often used in daily life. But do you know that graphite can still be used to absorb gas??Yes, there is now a new type of gas absorption equipment called graphite heat exchanger, which can quickly and fully absorb some harmful gases in the air, and then achieve the purification effect. Now many factories have begun to introduce graphite heat exchangers. Then let the editor take you to understandGraphite heat exchangerThe characteristics of it.

1, Graphite thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of graphite is very high, higher than most metals, such a high thermal conductivity makes it ideal for use in heat exchange equipment.

2, It is not easy to scale, and the fluid resistance is small: Because the affinity of graphite is relatively small with many media, some media are not easy to be attached to the graphite tube when passing through the graphite heat exchanger, so it has a very excellent diversion function . After the graphite heat exchanger is usually used, there is no need to specially maintain and clean the pipes of the graphite heat exchanger, which greatly facilitates people.

3, Good chemical stability: The graphite pipe of the graphite heat exchanger is not easy to react with most chemical substances. Even some strong acids and alkalis with strong sacrificial properties will not cause any damage to it, so it is very stable and reliable.

4, Simple structure, convenient maintenance: The composition structure of the graphite heat exchanger is not very complicated, and the principle is relatively simple. Whether it is operation, maintenance or maintenance, it is very labor-saving. The service life of graphite heat exchanger is relatively long, so there is no need to replace it specially, it is still very close to the people.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of graphite heat exchangers. I believe you will only have a new understanding of graphite heat exchangers after reading the introduction. Because graphite heat exchangers have so many outstanding and outstanding functions, the current graphite heat exchangers are widely used, and many manufacturers have begun to consider introducing graphite heat exchangers. If youGraphite heat exchanger priceIf you are more interested, please feel free to come to our company website for reference and contact us at any time.

In many projects, mechanical equipment is an indispensable equipment. Graphite heat exchanger is an indispensable equipment. Due to different operating environments, a single graphite heat exchanger cannot meet the needs of users. Graphite heat exchanger manufacturers When producing such products, different products will be developed according to specific conditions. There are many structures of graphite heat exchangers. The following article introduces us to the structure of graphite heat exchanger.

Graphite heat exchangers can be divided into block type, shell and tube type and plate type according to their structure.3Kind of type. Block hole type: It is assembled by several block graphite components with holes. Shell-and-tube type: Shell-and-tube heat exchanger occupies an important position in graphite heat exchangers. According to the structure, it is divided into two types: fixed type and floating head type. Plate type: The plate heat exchanger is made of graphite plates bonded together. In addition, there are immersion type, spray type and casing type etc.(See snake tube heat exchanger, double tube heat exchanger). The graphite heat exchanger has good corrosion resistance, the heat transfer surface is not easy to scale, and the heat transfer function is excellent. However, graphite is brittle and has low bending and tensile strength, so it can only be used for low pressure.

In fact, compared with some other products, the cost of graphite heat exchanger is still relatively high, and its volume is relatively large, if it is a small business, I do not recommend using this type of product, but if you For enterprises, then you can consider using this product, it still plays a big role. What kind of product is suitable for you also needs to be judged according to the specific situation.