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Frosting of graphite evaporator is normal
- 2020-08-26-

  We are not unfamiliar with equipment such as air conditioners and water heaters, but I think we will definitely not knowGraphite evaporatorIn fact, graphite evaporator is closely related to equipment such as air conditioners and water heaters. Graphite evaporator is a kind of thermal energy exchange equipment, which is mainly used in mechanical equipment related to thermal energy exchange equipment. When using graphite evaporator in winter, it will show frosting on the surface of graphite evaporator. In fact, when graphite evaporator is frosted, we don’t need to worry too much.Graphite evaporatorFrosting is a normal phenomenon, let's take a look at the analysis that the editor brings us.

Frosting of graphite evaporator is a normal phenomenon in air energy operation engineering, and it is inevitable that graphite evaporator will produce frost in winter. When we use the equipment, we will find that the outdoor unit is frosted and defrosted, while the indoor unit mainly relies on electricity to assist in heating the indoor temperature. Similarly, the graphite evaporator must be defrosted and defrosted if it is frosted. Equipping a heat exchanger in the system can delay frosting and reduce the effect of frosting on the function of the air-energy heat pump water heater. It can make the frosting of the unit slower, and the effect on the function of the unit after frosting is also slower. . Frost can form under zero-degree conditions. The zero-degree operating condition is beneficial to the heat exchange of the unit. When the graphite evaporator has a slight frost at the beginning, the effect on the graphite evaporator is improved..It can strengthen heat rejection, the graphite evaporator has a burr-like appearance, but with the thickening of the frost layer, the resistance of air circulation**, It will inevitably hinder the air circulation. The graphite evaporator absorbs heat through the air, and the air flow decreases, and the heat absorption also decreases. At this time, the function of the unit begins to decrease.

This is why the graphite evaporator will be frosted in winter. The frosting of the graphite evaporator in winter will not only not damage the graphite evaporator equipment, but also maintain the graphite evaporator equipment well. I believe next time at homeGraphite evaporator equipmentWhen there is frost, we won't be looking for a repairman to check the problem. After a long-term use of a device, it will inevitably show a problem, or it can not be used directly. Consumers need and can do the job situation to do the maintenance of the device to slow down the aging speed of the device.