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Reasons and solutions for leakage of graphite heat exchanger
- 2020-08-12-

By our side, there are more and more environmental protection equipment, because the pollution caused by production is becoming more and more severe. The presentation of environmental protection equipment has also brought a lot of convenience and convenience to our lives. We should know that graphite has many characteristics, especially in the purification of this piece, but also plays a very important effect.Graphite heat exchangerIt is one of the commonly used graphite equipments. We should pay attention to some matters when installing it. Because the incorrect device can easily damage it, the device address requirements for it during the process: the graphite heat exchanger should be placed in a There should be a reliable balance on the support with high requirements. Keep the device clean The valve is used to prevent the vehicle from being shut down to prevent accidents. Nut device: by tightening the main bolts, they are pressed against each other to achieve the purpose of sealing. The sealing surface should be specially protected. When tightening the main bolt, Do not exceed the specified tightening torque to recover the outstanding sealing performance. When tightening the bolts ,According to the diagonal, symmetrically divide and gradually tighten repeatedly, the force must be even, and it is not allowed to tilt to one side to achieve an outstanding sealing effect. After transportation and moving, the bolts are simply loosened, and the equipment must be carefully checked and adjusted before installation.

With the rapid progress of production levels, more and more new materials have begun to appear in our production. Many materials have their own characteristics. These characteristics are used in our production and have very useful effects. We should all understand graphite. It has its presence in many equipment and materials. Graphite heat exchanger is a device for processing graphite materials. Its presentation meets the demand for graphite in the market, but if a failure occurs, it will greatly affect the characteristics of graphite. When there is a problem of cross-leakage of two-phase media, the first thing to check is It is not that the quality of the graphite presents a problem, and then check whether the adhesive of the graphite heat exchanger is normal, whether there is any dissolution, aging, or deterioration. The impact of driving may come from heat or water hammer. Solution: The quality problem needs to be replaced, the glue needs to be glued again, the impact force should be balanced, and the drainage should be carried out earlier. The cracking of the graphite tube may be caused by the fast feeding speed of the starting and stopping equipment during operation. Solution: Ensure smooth operation. The system presents a large amount of bombardment and the lack of smooth movement of the animal feeds leads to unstable operation. Solution: Adjust the balance of materials and system operation before operation. As long as the problem is found, it is easy to deal with the failure of the graphite heat exchanger and deal with the problem correctly.

Graphite has very good properties, so graphite-based process equipment is widely used in our lives. Graphite heat exchangers are widely liked by us as one of them. The graphite heat exchanger has good corrosion resistance, the heat transfer surface is not easy to scale, and the heat transfer performance is excellent. However, graphite is easy to brittle and has low bending and tensile strength, so it can only be used at low pressure. Even if the block-like structure can be well under pressure, its working pressure is generally only 0.3 to 0.5 MPa. Graphite heat exchangers are expensive, bulky, and rarely used. It is mainly used for heat exchange of corrosive media such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and phosphoric acid, such as the condenser of acetic acid and acetic anhydride. Generally, there are three reasons for the leakage of graphite heat exchanger. One point, the problem may appear in the body of the phenolic graphite profiled tube. When the tube body is found to have cracks, roughness, blisters, etc., the problem can be determined. Due to the problems of these surface phenomena, the quality of the pipe body is poor. Under the effect of various external pressures during operation, the pipe body cannot be used normally and the pipe body is leaking.