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The structure of graphite heat exchanger
- 2020-08-14-

The structure of graphite heat exchanger

In many projects, mechanical equipment is an indispensable equipment.Graphite heat exchangerIt is an indispensable equipment. Due to the different operating environments, a single graphite heat exchanger cannot meet the needs of users. When producing such products, graphite heat exchanger manufacturers will develop different products according to specific conditions. The structure of the heater is quite varied. The following article introduces us to the structure of graphite heat exchanger.

Graphite heat exchangers can be divided into block type, shell and tube type and plate type according to their structure.3Kind of type. Block hole type: It is assembled from a number of block graphite components with holes. Shell-and-tube type: Shell-and-tube heat exchanger occupies an important position in graphite heat exchangers. According to the structure, it is divided into two types: fixed type and floating head type. Plate type: The plate heat exchanger is made of graphite plates bonded together. In addition, there are immersion type, spray type and casing type, etc.(See snake tube heat exchanger, double tube heat exchanger). The graphite heat exchanger has good corrosion resistance, the heat transfer surface is not easy to scale, and the heat transfer function is good. However, graphite is brittle and has low bending and tensile strength, so it can only be used for low pressure.

In fact, compared with some other products, the cost of graphite heat exchanger is still relatively high, and its volume is relatively large, if it is a small business, the editor does not advocate the use of such products, but if you are a large business , Then you can consider using this product, its effect is still quite large. What kind of product is suitable for you also needs to be judged according to the specific situation.