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A brief history of the development of graphite equipment
- 2020-06-15-

A brief history of the development of graphite equipment

Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies in the domestic graphite industry. Has many years of experience in the construction of graphite equipment and lining anti-corrosion, and the construction is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant standards of the chemical industry. From the preparation of impregnated resin, graphite tube extrusion molding, impregnation curing and assembly, etc., the process flow is completed by itself, which can ensure the quality of the product in an all-round way, and the technology has reached the advanced level of similar products in China.

Our company responds to the urgent domestic demand for graphite heat exchangers. From the preparation of phenolic resin, the extrusion of graphite tubes to the phenolic impregnation heat treatment process, the design and development work is carried out in all directions. The first rectangular block-hole type graphite heat exchanger (specification model 3JK6-12/12-10m2) fully meets the design requirements through small test and pilot test, and has been well received by users. Various technical indicators are among the best in the product testing of the National Non-metallic Materials and Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. On this basis, the company relied on the principle of scientific and technological innovation and development, increased investment in science and technology, and expanded the scale of research and development, so that many series of products came into being.

CurrentlyGraphite heat exchangerHas developed into one of the company's leading products. The main product varieties are floating-head tubular graphite heat exchanger, graphite absorber, block-hole graphite heat exchanger, graphite absorber, graphite sulfuric acid dilution equipment, graphite synthesis furnace, special equipment for potassium sulfate, hydrochloric acid analysis, three waste treatment complete sets Devices, etc., users are all over the country. This product has become the most widely used chemical unit equipment in the chemical industry, and can replace stainless steel and other precious non-ferrous metals. While occupying the provincial market, the products have radiated the national market and exported to India, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries.