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What is the difference between graphite condenser and graphite cooler
- 2020-06-12-

Graphite condenserAnd graphite cooler are a kind of graphite heat exchanger, which are classified according to their use.

1. The graphite cooler uses cooling water or frozen brine to cool the medium that needs to be cooled; the graphite condenser is mainly used for the condensation of gaseous media, the purpose is to condense the medium into a liquid or condense the water vapor in the medium. Generally, the lower part of the equipment is equipped with enterprise separation equipment. Graphite cooler is mainly used for diluting and cooling sulfuric acid. It can also be used for the dilution of other liquid materials.

The graphite cooler is composed of a sulfuric acid diluter (also known as an acid mixer) and a cooler that takes away the heat of dilution. According to the structure type, it can be divided into three types: tubular graphite cooler, round hole graphite cooler and combined graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler. Their diluter parts have the same structure, which are composed of concentrated sulfuric acid and diluent inlet pipe, acid mixing ring, pressure stabilizing ring, riser pipe and emptying pipe, liquid distribution pipe, upper head and cooling jacket outside. The liquid distribution tube is made of pressed graphite tube or impregnated graphite, and its structure is the same as the liquid distribution tube for absorber (see graphite falling film absorber). Other structures are made of impermeable graphite and are specially strengthened.

2. Graphite condenser and graphite cooler can be divided into tube type and block hole type according to different structures.

The main heat exchange part of the tube-and-tube type is composed of graphite tubes. Generally, the corrosive medium goes inside the tube and the cooling medium goes outside the tube; the block-hole type is mainly composed of graphite blocks, with horizontal and vertical holes drilled inside, and two media are carried respectively. To achieve the purpose of heat exchange.

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