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Introduction to the use of graphite equipment
- 2020-01-14-

With the development of science and technology, many devices appear in use and have many uses, so they are widely used by people. Maybe we have contact with many devices in use, but I believe that some devices are relatively unfamiliar to us, so we need to do some understanding when we use them. The use of graphite equipment is very important. In the process of use, graphite equipment should not be used as heat exchange parts. Now let's do some understanding of the use of graphite equipment.

The thermal conductivity of the semi-graphitized material of the graphite equipment is lower than that of the graphitized material, so the heat exchanger has high layout strength, strong temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high heat transfer power, long service life and easy maintenance And other strengths. The tube sheet is made of carbon steel and requires anti-corrosion treatment. When the temperature is high during operation, it can increase the stability of the impregnation to the resin and extend the service life of the configuration. With graphite equipment to improve the turbulence effect and increase the heat transfer power, graphite heat exchangers are widely used as heaters, coolers, and condensers. The quality of anti-corrosion directly affects the life of the tube sheet. It is not suitable to be used as heat exchange parts, and it can meet the requirements of PVC for graphite heat exchange configuration for a long time. The impregnant used for graphite equipment is differentGraphite heat exchangerThe round block is a kind of graphite cooler with advanced and outstanding performance.
Graphite equipment has many outstanding properties in use, which is why people choose to use graphite equipment, but there are still many things that need to be paid attention to in use, and we also need to understand. Faulty use may cause damage to the graphite equipment, so we should pay attention to it when using it. We are also welcome to consult with our graphite equipment manufacturers, we can learn some relevant information about graphite equipment from us, please contact us as soon as possible