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Graphite condenser solves the heat dissipation problem of steam jet pump
- 2020-01-04-

Graphite condenserIt plays an extraordinary role in the temperature control system of the water vapor eruption pump, which can make the water vapor eruption pump quickly condense and cool down in order to vacuum.

Eruption pumps can be made of various materials, such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium, enamel, glass, plastic, and graphite, and can be made in many sizes. When the suction volume is from 1 to 2,000,000m3/h, and the suction pressure is 10-2mbar, the scale can be from a few centimeters to more than 30 meters.

Because of the diversity of eruption pumps, they have been used in various fields, such as chemical reactors, exhaust systems, water treatment equipment, mixing tanks, storage tanks, wastewater treatment equipment, heating systems, heating gas supply systems, power plants, swimming pools , The water supply of the salmon factory, etc. And the composition of vacuum in different industrial fields.

The eruption pump that uses water vapor as the power medium to form a vacuum is an important application field. Its high-speed ejection is equivalent to several times the speed of sound, so the ejection pump can easily handle large-volume substances in a vacuum.

Because a single-stage eruption pump can only overcome its limited compression ratio, when the suction pressure is low, several eruption pumps must be installed in series. The suction pressure of the multi-stage steam ejection vacuum pump can reach as low as 0.01 mbar. In order to condense most of the power steam and reduce the suction volume of the next stage to the minimum, a graphite condenser is generally installed between the two eruption pumps. According to the application, use direct touch graphite condenser or external condenser.

In the eruption pump, water vapor is mainly used as the power medium. In most industries, water vapor is produced in large quantities as the basic energy, so it is easy to obtain. In the process of condensation of power steam, more or less waste water will be generated. Although the amount is small, and even if the waste water discharge cost is taken into account, the water vapor ejection pump is still a relatively economical vacuum pump, but it always has a negative impact on the vacuum ejection pump.

In the chemical industry, if stainless steel cannot meet the corrosion resistance requirements, ceramic or graphite vacuum eruption pumps can be used to remove corrosive gases and water vapor. The eruption pump is made of ceramic, and the outer condenser is made of graphite, which is a kind of graphite condenser. The external condenser is composed of a compact condenser assembly. This structure has the advantages of small scale, less space required and simple on-site assembly.