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Brief introduction of graphite absorber
- 2020-01-04-

Graphite absorberIt is mainly made of graphite material. Below the upper fixed tube sheet is the cooling absorption section. The structure is basically the same as the general fixed tube sheet heat exchanger. The absorbent and gas are absorbed in the tubes, and the coolant is routed between the tubes. The fixed tube sheet on the upper part of the equipment is called hereafter The head of the absorber has a distribution device to ensure that the absorbent is evenly distributed in each absorption tube, and a thin film is formed on the inner wall of the tube to flow down. In the production application, the heat generated by the dissolution of hydrogen chloride can be removed in time to complete the large The absorption of part of the hydrogen chloride gas constitutes a higher concentration of hydrochloric acid solution.

The graphite absorber of Hangzhou Co., Ltd. is reasonably priced, has a long service life, reduces cost requirements, and brings high benefits to the development of the enterprise. It is a heat exchange equipment with cooling, which is simple to operate and optimizes the process flow in the production process. The leakage point of hydrogen chloride gas and the absorption process of hydrogen chloride gas from the falling film section to the packing section do not require external pipelines. The absorption operation can be quickly started and the consumption of cooling water can be effectively reduced. Cooling water or frozen brine is used for cooling water. The medium is cooled.
Graphite absorber equipment is widely used for the condensation of gaseous media. The intention is to condense the medium into liquid or condense the water vapor in the medium. According to the structure type, it can be divided into tubular graphite absorber and round hole graphite The absorber and the combined graphite absorber can be used in the processing of mold cavities of precision, messy, thin-walled, and high-hard materials. It consumes less energy, saves energy, is light in weight, easy to install and move, and has a coefficient of expansion. Small, greatly saves manpower and capital, and has obvious advantages in development.