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The structure of the graphite absorber and the correct method of use?
- 2019-12-20-

Graphite absorberIt is mainly made of graphite, and the composition structure is very simple. Cooling water or frozen brine is used to cool the medium that needs to be cooled. It is mainly used for the condensation of gaseous media. The purpose is to condense the medium into a liquid or condense the medium. Condensation of water vapor can be divided into tubular graphite absorber, round hole graphite absorber and combined graphite absorber according to the structure type.
Below the upper fixed tube sheet is the cooling absorption section. Its structure is basically the same as that of a general fixed tube sheet heat exchanger. The tube carries absorbent and gas, and the coolant flows between the tubes. The upper fixed tube sheet is called the absorber head below. There is a spreading device to ensure that the absorbent is evenly spread into each absorption tube, and a thin film is formed on the inner wall of the tube to flow down.

Graphite absorber equipment always considers the user from the user’s standpoint, and is convenient for users to operate. The structure includes a shell. The shell is sequentially set up with a liquid distributor, a cooling absorption section, and a gas-liquid separator from top to bottom. , The top of the shell is provided with a liquid inlet, the bottom of the shell is provided with a liquid outlet, and the side of the bottom of the shell is provided with a gas outlet. The liquid inlet communicates with the liquid distributor, and the liquid outlet and the gas outlet are separated from the gas and liquid. The device is connected, and a graphite block is arranged between the fixed tube plate and the lower tube plate, which has strong temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, long service life, and easy maintenance.

After talking about the components of the graphite absorber, let us now talk about the use of the graphite absorber:

The correct operation of the graphite absorber is first and foremost. When the graphite absorber is used for detailed production, the operation buttons should be used correctly. Once there is a mechanical failure, the vehicle must be parked for inspection. If the tube is blocked by crystals, it can be heated and melted and washed. The residual cold and heat carriers should be drained to deal with materials that are easy to scale. When parking, the materials should be discharged and any materials can be cleaned before cleaning.
In addition, after a long time use of the graphite absorber, many impurities will remain. The user should strengthen the cleaning effect and use the immersion liquid (or hot water) that can dissolve the crystals (or precipitates) and does not damage the graphite components. ) Flush the longitudinal holes from top to bottom. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to raise or lower the temperature suddenly, so as not to cause damage. When the conveyed medium pressure is higher than the configured utilization pressure, a pressure reducing device should be installed at the receiving place of the medium inlet.