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Graphite evaporator
- 2019-12-13-

In the presence of hydrochloric acid, metal equipment including titanium is generally not suitable, unless precious metals such as tantalum, platinum, gold, silver and nickel-molybdenum alloys are used for processing, and graphite heat exchangers are generally selected.
If the transpiration temperature is lower than 80 degrees Celsius, you can choose YKA type round hole heat exchanger and GH type floating head tube heat exchanger. When it contains hydrochloric acid and the transpiration temperature is greater than 100 degrees Celsius, the new GGH type tubular heat exchanger is generally used.
1. YKA type round hole type graphite heat exchanger

(1) Structural features
YKA type round hole type graphite heat exchanger is made by stacking cylindrical unit heat exchange blocks and has high structural strength. The gasket between the graphite parts is sealed with tetrafluoroethylene or special rubber quality seals, and the seal is firm. The equipment has high heat conduction power and is divided into type I and type II. The type I heat carrier enters the heat exchange block tangentially, and the directions of the adjacent two blocks are staggered. The longitudinal materials are redistributed block by block through the short channel and the turbulence effect is significant. The lower head is attached. The vapor-liquid separator becomes a condenser, and if the upper head is changed to a transpiration chamber, it constitutes a transpiration. The YKA type heating medium enters the heat exchange block radially, and the shell can be set into multiple sections according to the external baffle requirements. The elastic seal between the blocks is compensated for thermal expansion and contraction by the pressure of the tension spring. This type of equipment is only allowed to stand upright, and the user is equipped with a stand device for use. The picture shows the heater, and the picture shows the material inlet and outlet parts, no heat exchange parts, and the gas-liquid separator structure.
(2) Skill characteristics
Shell side tube side
Planning pressure MPa 0.4 0.4
Planning temperature ℃ -20~165
2. GH type floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger
(1) Structural features The structure is simple, compact, and the fluid resistance is small, making it possible to manufacture large-scale equipment. But the pressure resistance and temperature resistance are lower than the block hole type. It is suitable for occasions with non-violent impact and small vibration, and it is better to be used as a cooler (condenser). This equipment has two structures without gas-liquid separator and with gas-liquid separator. When used as condenser, the structure with gas-liquid separator should be selected.
This equipment is generally assembled by ¢22/¢32mm kneading graphite tubes. Can also produce ¢36/¢50mm graphite tube assembly tubular graphite heat exchanger. The outer ring seal of the floating tube plate is generally sealed with packing, and also with O-shaped rubber sealing ring.
(2) Skill characteristics
Planning pressure
Pipeline: 0.3Mpa (DN≤900)
Shell side: 0.5Mpa (DN≤1100)
Planning temperature
Tube process: -20℃~130℃
Shell side: -20℃~120℃
Standard: 5~400M2
Can plan and manufacture heat exchangers of more than 400M2 according to user needs
3. GGH type new tubular graphite heat exchanger
(1) The structural feature is to solve the problem that the allowable temperature of the floating head tube type graphite heat exchanger is low, especially when it is not aspirational for heating. The new type tube heat exchanger uses a single tube packing seal. The graphite tubes are individually sealed to enable independent thermal expansion and contraction. It is most suitable for heaters and transpirators (rising film, falling film transpiration), and can accept certain rapid cold and rapid heat. According to user requirements or process conditions, a structure with both ends of the packing seal can also be planned and manufactured. If the graphite tube is damaged, it can be replaced at will.
(2) Skill characteristics:
Permissible temperature: heating≤160℃
Allowable pressure: 0.5MPa
2. YKC type round block hole typeGraphite evaporator
1. Structure and characteristics:
This series is a kind of graphite thermal equipment with more advanced heat transfer power at present. It adopts PTFE seal, and is equipped with a pressure spring as an automatic compensation device for thermal expansion and contraction. It has high structural strength. The heat exchange block uses "building blocks". Type" detachable combined structure, which has great advantages for cleaning and maintenance. This series selects: 1 heat exchange processing technology, which greatly improves the heat transfer power, impact resistance, and long service life. This series can be used as a heater, Cooler and reboiler, when used as condenser, require vapor-liquid separation.
2. Skill characteristics: (according to HG/T3113-1998)
Permissible temperature: -20℃~165℃
Allowable pressure: 0.4MPa