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Graphite chemical equipment
- 2019-11-30-

Chemical equipment using graphite as the main material is called graphite chemical equipment. Most of the graphite equipment currently used is made of impermeable graphite.
However, some equipment uses graphite materials that are micro-permeable, such as HCL synthesis furnaces, and some must be infiltrated, such as rotating drum graphite vacuum filters, graphite filters, and carbon-based power forming membranes. Lately, especially transparent graphite equipment did not come out until the 1970s, so it is customary to call graphite equipment "impermeable graphite equipment".

GH type floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger
Due to the excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity of graphite equipment, it has been developed into an independent system that can adapt to different types of process conditions, various structural forms and different specifications.
According to the equipment function principle and structure form, the classification is as follows:
1. Graphite heat exchanger
Function: The wall-type heat exchange between the two media has various structural forms, such as: tubular graphite heat exchanger, round hole type graphite heat exchanger; rectangular block hole type graphite heat exchanger, etc.
2. Graphite falling film absorber
Role: Mass transfer and heat transfer. Falling film absorption of soluble gas and at the same time take away the absorption heat. Such as: tubular graphite falling film absorber; round hole type absorber.
3. Combustion synthesis device
Role: Combustion or synthesis of combustibles. It can also complete synthesis, cooling, and absorption at the same time in one equipment; such as: water-jacketed hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace, three-in-one hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, etc.
4. Graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler
Function: Dilute (cool) sulfuric acid and other media, and can take away the heat of dilution (cooling) at the same time in one equipment.
5. Graphite tower equipment
Function: Gas-liquid or liquid-liquid mass transfer equipment. Including plate towers and packed towers.
6. Graphite pump equipment
Function: equipped with power device, used to transport liquid, or generate negative pressure to suck other media;
7. Graphite machinery equipment
Function: equipped with a power device, used for mixing, reacting, concentrating, and evaporating materials.
8. Permeable graphite equipment*
Function: A carbon (or graphite) element with micropores allows one or part of the particles to pass through while preventing another or other particles from passing through. Used for separation or filtration of gas or liquid phase media.
9. Graphite lining equipment
Function: Use graphite rotating and board as equipment for anti-corrosion lining.
10. Graphite pipes and fittings
Function: Used for conveying medium and connecting equipment.
11. Graphite sealing material
Function: used for end face seal, packing seal, flange seal.
12. Graphite protection anode in cathodic protection system
Function: Used as a protection anode for impressed current in the cathodic protection system.
The table material is permeable graphite