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New graphite heat exchanger promotes high-efficiency, energy-saving and high-quality technology development
- 2019-11-13-

With the development of the times, users have higher and higher requirements for the purchase of round graphite heat exchangers. The same equipment has good and bad quality, and the price is also high or low. If you want to buy cost-effective equipment, you must comprehensively Understand the performance principle and advantages of its round graphite heat exchanger equipment. When you buy a round graphite heat exchanger, you must first look at the quality, see the effect on the same quality, and finally compare the price according to your own. To the actual needs of the purchase, so that everyone will be very happy to purchase high-quality and cheap heat exchanger equipment.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for round-graph graphite heat exchangers with excellent performance and quality. Foreign developed countries have adopted carbon fiber or tube-and-tube heat exchangers, and have developed various wear-resistant ceramic coatings and new materials. Related domestic companies have also developed carbon fiber graphite tubes, which can enhance the crack resistance and high temperature resistance of heat exchangers. At the same time, heat exchanger equipment used in the chemical industry has also set high requirements for this. One is the development and research of large-scale graphite heat exchangers with larger specifications and higher parameters, which have been well applied in industry.

The current era is the era of science and technology. High-quality development is targeted and an inevitable requirement for maintaining sustainable and healthy economic development. Henan Zhongfeng's new graphite condenser promotes the development of high-quality technology. The employees of the company are concentric, making innovation the main driving force for development. .

The new graphite condenser has good corrosion resistance, small size and light weight, which is very advantageous for configuration transportation, placement, maintenance, etc., and has high temperature resistance. As a cooler, it is generally used to open the cooling medium first and work in winter. After completion, the cooling medium must be drained cleanly to prevent the equipment from cracking due to freezing and ice, to prevent the materials from evaporating and crystallizing, and to block the pipeline.

In the operating state, the new graphite condenser must withstand the radial and axial pressure generated by the medium inside and outside the tube. When the graphite cooling medium enters, the air in the condenser must be exhausted, otherwise the graphite equipment may easily rupture (especially the tube Board), there is a leakage phenomenon. After using the new graphite condenser, users said that this equipment has high structural strength, high temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance.

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