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New graphite evaporator-synonymous with energy saving, environmental protection and efficient use
- 2019-11-15-

With the improvement of production technology, Golden Triangle graphite products are more and more developed in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and practicality. Because of this, the products have also been well received from all walks of life, and the products sell well all over the country.

With the continuous development of science and technology, new graphite evaporators have been developed and are very popular with manufacturers in the domestic market. The application fields are becoming more and more extensive. The new graphite evaporator equipment has achieved the following technologies well. Innovation:

1. In the process, by using a pressure spring as an automatic compensation device for thermal expansion and contraction, the structural strength of the equipment is strengthened and the heat transfer efficiency is guaranteed.

Second, by adopting 1: 1 heat exchange processing technology for the equipment, the thermal conductivity and impact resistance are greatly improved, and its thermal conductivity coefficient is above 95%, high temperature resistance is 165 ° C, and compressive strength is 0.6MPa;

3. The building block-type detachable combined structure is adopted for the graphite heat exchange block, which is more convenient for equipment cleaning and maintenance.

As one type of graphite equipment, graphite evaporator is indispensable in many fields and also plays a significant role in many fields of work. The technological innovation of graphite evaporator has played a very important role in the era of graphite equipment innovation. Everyone In addition to normal use, you must remember to maintain it.

The main matters that should be noticed during the test run of graphite evaporator are:

1. The graphite evaporator should be placed on a bracket that meets the height requirements and should be reliably balanced.

2. The first heater of the graphite evaporator must be equipped with a safety valve. The steam pressure in the first effect heater must not exceed 0.01Mpa. Always check the safety valve for malfunctions. Don't be paralyzed.

3. In any case, close the steam valve when stopping.

4. Always check the operation of the pump, whether the oil level is normal, and the amount of cooling water.

5, often observe the motor current and motor temperature of each device.

6. When the evaporator circulation pump fails to stop running, the steam should be turned off immediately.

7. In any case, any one-effect material cut-off is strictly prohibited, and the adjustment of the evaporator liquid level should be carried out slowly, and cannot be changed suddenly.

8. When the ambient temperature of the graphite evaporator equipment is below 0 ° C, the accumulated water in the equipment and its pipelines should be drained to avoid freezing or blocking the pipelines.

The popularity of graphite heat exchangers in various fields has brought many impetus to the development of industrial life. Today, the characteristics of graphite heat exchangers are discussed with everyone. Graphite heat exchangers are composed of columnar impermeable graphite blocks, graphite up and down Covers, graphite upper and lower heads, metal casings, glands, etc. are assembled. The longitudinal holes of the equipment are used for corrosive media, and the transverse holes are used for non-corrosive media. Protective effect, strong temperature and pressure resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high volume utilization rate, good heat transfer effect, very convenient for assembly and disassembly and maintenance. Fluorine graphite heat exchanger equipment is manufactured without adhesives, which improves the use Temperature extends the service life of the equipment, with a small footprint and good versatility of parts. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, tube, metallurgy, medicine, electronics, food, environmental protection and other fields.

How much do you know about the characteristics of graphite heat exchangers ? The graphite heat exchanger equipment is made of graphite material. Because graphite has acid resistance and good thermal conductivity, the graphite core is made into a block-hole structure separated from each other vertically and horizontally. When the two mediums pass through each other, the high-temperature medium continuously transmits heat to the graphite heat exchanger, and the low-temperature medium continuously receives heat from the graphite heat exchanger, thereby successfully achieving heat exchange. The graphite heat exchanger equipment is suitable for non-oxidation or weak oxidation. Strong acids, bases, salt solutions, most organic solvents and composite media of organic acids. The thermal conductivity is higher than many metals, the linear expansion coefficient is small, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, the surface is not easy to scale, no pollution, good mechanical processing performance. Small density and light weight.

The company invested 5.6 million in 2001 for reorganization registration, and in 2014 invested another 28 million to establish Jiangsu Yulong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the manufacturing of special equipment (pressure vessels). Today, the company's workshop covers an area of 42,000 square meters and has more than ten patented technologies. It has developed a variety of graphite products that can replace imported equipment, greatly extending the service life of the equipment and reducing maintenance costs.