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Intelligent transformation accelerates world industrial growth will continue
- 2019-11-18-

In recent years, the global economy has hovered in the trough, to a certain extent, due to the role of the economic development cycle. The pace of global economic recovery in 2018 will not be too fast, and the process of global industrial recovery will also be hindered by issues such as the overall economic form and excess capacity.

At present, the global coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, steel, aluminum, glass, cement, shipbuilding, home appliances, and automobile industries are all in excess, and the production capacity of some products is still growing. The overall global energy surplus is 8% to 14%, steel surplus is 18% to 24%, iron ore surplus is 12% to 18%, and electrolytic aluminum surplus is 15% to 20%. Subsidies and other types of support provided by the government or government-supported institutions may cause market distortions, exacerbate global overcapacity and restrict economic development.

CCID think tank said that the new industrial revolution dominated the new pattern of manufacturing. With the continuous breakthroughs in technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, and biotechnology, coupled with the developed countries' “re-industrialization” strategies after the 2008 international financial crisis, the global industrial development model is being developed by Automation shifts to intelligence. The new industrial revolution will shift from a single socially intensive production efficiency to a demand-matching efficiency improvement to meet the ever-changing consumer demand in a diversified, fast-food, and personalized consumption trend. The new industrial revolution will impact almost every industrial sector in all countries. The breadth and depth of these changes herald a radical shift in production, management, and governance systems. And major global manufacturing forces will undergo major strategic adjustments.

In order to cope with the new situation of world industrial development in 2018, and in accordance with the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, CCID think tank recommended to follow up and study global manufacturing development trends; deepen supply-side structural reforms; speed up the construction of innovative countries; Chain layout.

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