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Application standard of graphite absorber production process
- 2019-11-16-

Adhere to the specifications. The graphite absorber technology is in my hands and has a great effect. It can be used as an evaporator, heater, cooler, condenser, reboiler, etc. in industrial production, especially as a heater, reboiler, and condenser. The function is more ideal. The graphite cylindrical heat exchange block is selected from standard unit blocks, which has high structural strength. Instead of using cement in the structure, a polytetrafluoroethylene O-ring sealing medium is used, and a pressure spring is installed for thermal expansion. Cold shrinkage active compensation organization. The graphite heat exchange block does not have a central hole. The water holes pass directly from one side to the other. The material holes are filled with heat exchange blocks to improve the data utilization rate. The editor of China Fluorine reminds users that friends need to pay attention to, A gas-liquid separator must be installed at the bottom of the round-hole graphite absorber.

In modern society, science and technology are developing rapidly, and people's demand for graphite absorbers is constantly increasing. The preferential price of graphite absorbers has provided users with more benefits. The new type of graphite absorber equipment such as the Golden Triangle has good corrosion resistance. The hot surface is not easy to scale, the heat transfer performance is good, the heat transfer components are made of graphite, the structure is simple, and the operation is reliable. The superposition structure of the unit heat exchange block is selected, and the Teflon "O" ring seal is used between the heat exchange blocks. The round block type graphite absorber is reasonably priced, and the entire equipment is equipped with a pressure tension spring as an active compensation organization for thermal expansion and contraction. Gaskets are selected between the graphite blocks without adhesives. The removal and installation are simple, the protection is convenient, and graphite is added. The block can increase the area of the absorber, which can be used under high temperature and pressure, high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, corrosion resistance, convenient installation and cleaning, wide application, long service life, and is welcomed.

Adhere to the specifications, the graphite absorber process is in my hands, the circular block type graphite absorber has a low price and advanced technology. It is structurally composed of a number of cylindrical graphite blocks impregnated with a special process. Sealed with a fluoroethylene seal, these graphite heat exchange blocks are settled in a steel cylindrical shell. There are many horizontal channels and vertical channels on these circular graphite blocks, which cross each other but are not connected. In the process, two different materials are used. When users need heat exchange between two corrosive media, the price of Golden Triangle Graphite Absorber is very reasonable. The shell of the equipment can also be made of pure graphite cylinder, and then reaches two-way anticorrosion, which better meets the production requirements. The gas and liquid in the graphite absorber generally move in the same direction (co-current), which is conducive to production. It can control the production within a large shaking range, which is conducive to the dispersion of the liquid film. There are also countercurrent. It can also be performed in short holes, but the length of falling film absorption is not large. Even tube absorbers generally do not exceed 3m, and the block type is shorter. For higher concentration solution or better gas purification, Henan Fluorine Graphite Falling Film Absorber is generally used in combination with the exhaust gas tower. The diluted solution in the exhaust gas tower is used to enter the absorber as the second stage. Absorption, the unabsorbed tail gas enters the tail gas tower for secondary absorption, and then is evacuated. This process has many advantages.

Nantong Golden Triangle Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Yulong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.) is located in Nanhua Jiuhua Development Zone. It is one of the nation's larger graphite manufacturing companies. The company is committed to producing various impervious graphite equipment. Years of history.

The company invested 5.6 million in 2001 for reorganization registration, and in 2014 invested another 28 million to establish Jiangsu Yulong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the manufacturing of special equipment (pressure vessels). Today, the company's workshop covers an area of 42,000 square meters and has more than ten patented technologies. It has developed a variety of graphite products that can replace imported equipment, greatly extending the service life of the equipment and reducing maintenance costs.