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Round block hole graphite cooler
- 2019-11-11-

      The round block type graphite condenser can be designed for multi-process, vertical and horizontal use. Compensation device. The graphite heat exchange block has no central hole. The water holes pass directly from one side to the other. The material holes are filled with the heat exchange block to improve the material utilization rate. There are two groups of non-connecting flow channels drilled on the graphite block. The two groups form a right angle. Two different fluids pass through the two groups of flow channels to achieve the purpose of heat exchange. The equipment with the same heat exchange area is small in size and more compact. It has high heat transfer efficiency, stability and reliability, impact resistance and convenient maintenance. Etc.

        If the graphite condenser is dusty, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the condenser. So the following editors talk about the cleaning methods.

1.Physical cleaning

It is done with a soft shaft brush and then rinsed with water. Its advantages are cost saving, no chemical residue, and not easy to cause problems such as corrosion of the condenser. However, it also has disadvantages. If it is dirt with strong adhesion or corrosion dirt, it is not easy to clean, and it is not very clean.

2. Chemical cleaning

The cleaning liquid is used to clean the condenser. In detail, it is performed with an acid solution, then neutralized with an alkaline solution, and then washed with water. Its advantage is that it can clean up the dirt and reduce the workload. However, if it is not cleaned, it may cause corrosion of the condenser, and also have the problem of waste liquid discharge.