YKCH round block type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler

YKCH round block type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler

Product Details

Background technique:

Graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler is a graphite equipment used to dilute sulfuric acid. Due to the heat generated during the self-dilution process, real-time cooling treatment is required. Most of the existing graphite sulfuric acid dilution coolers are water-cooled. The cooling effect is average and the efficiency is low. It cannot cool all the excess heat generated in the tank in time. After sulfuric acid dilution, additional cooling time is required, which affects Processing efficiency. Hazardous gas is generated during the sulfuric acid dilution process. The existing method is to directly discharge and collect the gas, and then neutralize the gas through environmental protection equipment. The cost is high and the process is long.

Structural features:

Round block type sulfuric acid dilution cooler. The upper part is the concentrated, mixed and diluted part of concentrated sulfuric acid and soft water. The middle and lower parts are cooling parts, which are the same as the round block type graphite cooler . This type is a relatively advanced equipment in the concentrated sulfuric acid dilution process. It can dilute more than 98% concentrated sulfuric acid to less than 65% at one time, and directly cool it to below 50 ° C after dilution. The graphite condenser of this equipment can also be used for dilution, mixing and cooling of other liquid materials.

Technical characteristics



Allowable pressure MPa



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Executive standard: HG / T3189-2000