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-Developed carbon burned wire tube, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion
-Developed a large round block type graphite heat exchanger (100-500) ㎡, which is impregnated with modified resin, and its life is generally more than 8 years. It has replaced the large tube graphite heat exchanger (Hebei Shenghua) Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhonglian Technology and other companies).
-Developed a large rectangular graphite heat exchanger with a life of more than 8 years (used by Xin'anjiang Chemical Second Plant, etc.).
-Developed the largest domestic SSL-type graphite HCL synthesis furnace and SHL-type three-in-one hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace with positive pressure of 0.1Mpa (used by Tianjin Chemical Plant, Ningbo Electrochemical Plant, Xinyang Huayi, etc.).
-Developed a modified salt water filter to bring convenience to ion membrane caustic soda and other industries.
-Developed graphite equipment sewage treatment system (Shenzhen Environmental Protection Sewage Treatment Bureau, Zhejiang Jiema Chemical).
-Developed graphite chemical pumps and graphite hydraulic jet pumps (for use by Hunan Haili, Donggang Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.).