What are the advantages of graphite absorbers?
- 2019-11-14-

Graphite absorber itself is a kind of graphite equipment, which is very popular in the industry, because this equipment product has better corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, because this equipment is a heat exchange equipment with cooling Therefore, they can heat your hydrogen absorption, which represents a high concentration of hydrochloric acid solution, so that the graphite absorption tower has a very close relationship with hydrochloric acid.

What are the economic advantages of graphite absorbers? First, a graphite absorbent can be used in the production of hydrochloric acid to plan a relatively simple process. What are the advantages of graphite absorbent?

In terms of equipment investment, the graphite absorption tower has dropped significantly compared with the previous equipment products. In terms of investment, each absorption line has reduced one graphite absorption device, giving the equipment a great advantage. The advantage is that the operating cost of the graphite absorption tower is reduced, the packaging part of the absorption tower is adiabatic absorption, and the stage absorption tower has no cooling scheme, which reduces the consumption of cooling water.

Nowadays, the company's products include graphite plates, round block type graphite heat exchangers, round block type graphite preheaters, round block type graphite falling film absorbers, floating head tubular heat exchangers, and tubular type Graphite falling film absorber, rectangular block-hole graphite heat exchanger, graphite heat exchanger in the kettle, two-in-one hydrogen chloride graphite synthesis furnace, three-in-one hydrochloric acid graphite synthesis furnace, round block-type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler, three Chloroacetaldehyde chlorination towers, graphite tower equipment and graphite chemical pumps have more than a hundred specifications, and various non-standard graphite equipment can be customized according to demand.

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