New graphite evaporator with energy saving and emission reduction
- 2019-11-15-

The heat exchange area of this new type graphite evaporator reaches 340m3, and it is the key equipment for waste liquid treatment and reuse in the industrial production of chemical, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries. If it is installed on a chemical chloroacetic acid production line, it can be seen that the waste liquid in the production is effectively absorbed and then high-quality products such as ammonium chloride and ferrous chloride are produced, thereby turning waste into treasure. This equipment has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good heat transfer effect and strong anti-corrosion performance. It is an ideal equipment for energy saving and emission reduction in the current industrial production such as chemical industry.

According to reports, this graphite evaporator equipment has achieved four major technological innovations:

1. In the process, by using a pressure spring as an automatic compensation device for thermal expansion and contraction, the structural strength of the equipment is strengthened and the heat transfer efficiency is guaranteed;

2. By using 1: 1 heat exchange processing technology for the equipment, the thermal conductivity and impact resistance have been greatly improved. Its thermal conductivity coefficient is above 95%, its high temperature resistance is 165 ° C, and its compressive strength is 0.6MPa;

3. By adopting the "block type" detachable combination structure for fast heat exchange, it is more convenient for equipment cleaning and maintenance;

4. Adopting one-effect, two-effect, and three-effect process evaporation concentration technology, which further reduces steam consumption, which is more than 30% lower than similar equipment. With excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, the graphite evaporator produced by our factory has expanded its sales network to nearly 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, and exported to South Korea, South Africa and some Southeast Asian countries. Pesticide, petroleum, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, chemical fiber, electronics and food and other fields.

The company invested 5.6 million in 2001 for reorganization registration, and in 2014 invested another 28 million to establish Jiangsu Yulong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the manufacturing of special equipment (pressure vessels). Today, the company's workshop covers an area of 42,000 square meters and has more than ten patented technologies. It has developed a variety of graphite products that can replace imported equipment, greatly extending the service life of the equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

Nowadays, the company's products include graphite plates, round block type graphite heat exchangers, round block type graphite preheaters, round block type graphite falling film absorbers, floating head tubular heat exchangers, and tubular type Graphite falling film absorber, rectangular block-hole graphite heat exchanger, graphite heat exchanger in the kettle, two-in-one hydrogen chloride graphite synthesis furnace, three-in-one hydrochloric acid graphite synthesis furnace, round block-type graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler, three Chloroacetaldehyde chlorination towers, graphite tower equipment and graphite chemical pumps have more than a hundred specifications, and various non-standard graphite equipment can be customized according to demand.