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field of graphite plate production, our company has long maintained cooperation with several large domestic companies, including Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., Ruyuan Yaoyang Autonomous County Dongyangguang Chemical Foil Co., Ltd., and Ruyuan Dongyangguang Machinery Co., Ltd. , Ruyuan County Lidong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guorui Technology Co., Ltd., Suqian Huahong Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., Nantong Xinde Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Capson Electronic Technology (Yichang Three Gorges ) Ltd. etc.

field of chemical system, Sichuan Zhoulong and Jiangsu Zhoulong's acid hydrochloride mother liquor three-effect evaporation and concentration device, Nantong Nanhui Electronics' sulfuric acid concentration, Jiangsu Baju's acidic aluminum trichloride concentration crystal, and Ruyuan County The engineering projects of Dongyang Sunshine Chemical Foil Co., Ltd. have all been completed and accepted, and all have been well received by customers.

At the same time, our products are produced in hundreds of units in Sichuan Leshan Yongxiang Resin Co., Ltd., Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Bohai Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Suhua Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Longyan Longhua Group Co., Ltd. Use, has received consistent trust and recommendation from customers.